World Cup 7: Mixed Relay Start Lists Posted

The start lists for tomorrow’s Mixed Relay competitions have been posted on the IBU website.

First its the new Single Mixed Relay, starting at 9:00 Eastern, 6:00 Pacific (start list). The standard Mixed Relay competition is at 11:30 Eastern, 8:30 Pacific (start list).

With a purpose of giving nations with less depth a better chance at a podium finish, the start lists for the Single Mixed Relay provide interesting insight into the strategies of various nations. While the traditional biathlon powerhouses such as Norway, Germany and Russia are able to field strong teams in both competitions, the less-established biathlon nations are challenged with the decision of whether to put their strongest competitors in the new Single Mixed Relay, or continue to focus on the Mixed Relay.

France, Russia, Germany, Czech Republic, Slovenia, Belarus and Canada have all entered their strongest athletes in the Mixed Relay.

Conversely, the United States and Romania are prioritizing the Single Mixed Relay, with the US  naming Annelies Cook and Tim Burke as their team. The pressure will be on Annelies and Tim to find a way on to the podium, as they have to be considered as favorites going into tomorrow’s inaugural Single Mixed Relay competition.

What do you think about your favorite nations’ entries? Should they go for the podium in the Single Mixed Relay or the Mixed Relay? Or do they have the depth to go for both?

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