Veterans and Youth Movements: German and Austrian National Teams Named

The German and Austrian senior teams have been named in the latest IBU news release:

The German Women's Relay team will be among the favourites again

The German Women’s Relay team will be among the favourites again

The teams share a remarkable similarity: the Men’s teams are stacked with veterans, while the Women’s teams are full of young (and promising) athletes.

On the Men’s side, there are several World Cup medalists returning such as Peiffer, Schempp, Birnbacher, Lesser, Eder and Landertinger. Both nations will field strong relay teams and will challenge for podium spots.


3 of the 4 Austrian Men's Relay team members are returning

3 of the 4 Austrian Men’s Relay team members are returning

On the Women’s side, the Germans will be led by Dahlmeier and Preuss, who had strong seasons last year. According to the IBU, the average age of the German Women’s team is 22.6 years, and the average age of the Austrian Women’s team is 20.8 years, which is still in the Junior Women’s age category!

As you can see, with all these new Austrian athletes, I have some work to do to update my athletes’ database!

German Women: Laura Dahlmeier, Franziska Preuss, Marie Heinrich, Luise Kummer, and Vanessa Hinz

German Men: Arnd Peiffer, Simon Schempp, Andi Birnbacher, Daniel Böhm, Erik Lesser and Benedikt Doll

Austria Women: Lisa Theresa Hauser, Julia Schwaiger, Dunja Zdouc, Christina Rieder, Simone Kupfner, Susanne Hoffman and Katharina Innerhofer

Austria Men: Dominik Landertinger, Simon Eder, Daniel Mesotitsch, Fritz Pinter, Sven Grossegger, Julian Eberhard and David Komatz.

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