Ukraine, Germany and Russia win Relays at IBU Open European Championships

The Ukrainian Women, German Men and Russian Mixed Relay teams took the top spots on the podium in a day full of relays at Ridnaun, Italy.

The Ukrainian team of Olena Pidhrushna, Vita Semerenko, Juliya Dhzyma, and Valj Semerenko won the Women’s 4 x 6 km Relay in a total time of 1:19:52.0, using only five spare rounds with no penalties. Italy finished second, 52.2 seconds back with seven extra rounds and no penalties. Third place went to Germany, 1:01.7 back with nine extra rounds and no penalties.

The Canadian team of Rosanna Crawford, Melanie Schultz, Claude Godbout and Emma Lodge finished 10th, 8:38.8 back with thirteen extra rounds and one penalty.

In the Men’s 4 x 7.5 km Relay, the German team of Robin Kiel, Benedikt Doll, Florian Graf and Erik Lesser edged out Russia in a final lap sprint. Victor Vasilyev of Russia entered the final shooting stage of the competition with a comfortable lead over Erik Lesser, but could not hit his final target even with three extra rounds. Lesser and Vasilyev exited the range at the same time, but Lesser was stronger on the tracks and secured the victory.

Germany won in a time of 1:25:39.7 with eleven extra rounds and three penalties. Russia was 6.7 seconds behind, with seven extra rounds and one penalty. Third place went to Belarus, 1:44.1 back with ten extra rounds and no penalties.

The Canadian team of Patrick Cote, Nathan Smith, Joel Pacas and Tyson Smith finished 10th, 4:54.9 back with twelve extra rounds and one penalty. The U.S. team of Leif Nordgren, Russell Currier, Wynn Roberts and Bill Bowler was 13th, 5:56.4 back and managing not to be lapped even with an astonishing twenty extra rounds and eight penalties.

The Russian team of Olga Galich, Svetlana Perminova, Ivan Kryukov and Alexandr Pechenkin won the Mixed relay comfortably in a time of 1:25:17.6, using ten extra rounds with no penalties. Second place went to France, 1:30.0 back with thirteen extra rounds and one penalty, and Belarus came in third, 1:38.4 back with four extra rounds and no penalties.

Here are the complete results of the Men’s, Women’s and Mixed Relays.

The IBU Open European Championships are taking another training day tomorrow before the Sprint competitions on the 26th.

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