Top 5 Most Popular Athletes on the Biathlon Blog

Who are the 5 most popular athletes on this blog?

Here they are, ranked by how many hits they have on their pages.

1. Gabriela Soukalova. This Czech biathlete has more than two times more hits than any other athlete on this blog. She is having a breakout year in terms of her performances, and has also been in the spotlight as the Czech Republic hosted the World Championships.

2. Synnoeve Solemdal. Solemdal has also enjoyed a successful season so far, and while she has not been the most successful Norwegian female in terms of World Cup points, she is the most popular.

3. Selina Gasparin. The eldest Gasparin sister has posted some strong results this year, which combined with a popular IBU video about her and her sisters has increased her profile among biathlon fans.

4. Scott Gow. The young Canadian is the only Canadian and the only male athlete on this list. Gow has posted some good results in the World Cup this year, and should have a bright future ahead of him on the Canadian national team.

5. Barbora Tomesova. Another female Czech biathlete makes the list in 5th place.

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