Top 5 and Worst 5 Race Suits

Fancying myself as a bit of a race suit connoisseur, I have looked at all the race suits worn in biathlon and have come up with my list of the 5 best and the 5 worst. Here they are, in no particular order:

The Best


The Adidas race suit design is great. Many nations use the same design, and in my view the Russian colours look the best with it. Here we see Olga Vilukhina showing off the design as she crosses the finish line in first place.



The black look is sleek and professional. Its simply a great suit. It works with any colour bib, which this year seems to be anything. Here is Benjamin Weger climbing up a hill in a night race.





Here are Erlend Bjøntegaard and Ole Einar Bjoerndalen relay racing in the red Norway suits. The Norway design hasn’t changed much in years, and for good reason. A great colour and a simple design. No need to mess with something that looks so good.

United StatesUnited States

My second-favourite Adidas design, worn by Lief Nordgren. Not as colourful as the Russian suit, but it looks very clean and proper. The stripes look great, and thankfully they didn’t go overboard with stars.


Sleek looking white and blue suit. It is difficult to pull off a white suit; just look at the Finland suits from the 2010 Olympics. But this Estonian suit is up to the task, as shown by Kadri Lehtla.

The Worst

Czech RepublicCzech Republic

This suit is new, and hopefully it will only be around for one year. I can’t even count how many colours are in this suit, and it looks like they were just all thrown together randomly. Despite the look, it seems to be working for Gabriela Soukalova this year.




This picture of Martin Fourcade shows what is wrong with the suit that the French have been using the past couple of years. There is a lot of neon yellow going on here, and it looks like it is all going crazy.



A perfect example of too much of a good thing. Neon colours are great, used sparingly. Make a whole suit out of them and you end up with an eyesore. Here comes Jakov Fak. Not that you could miss him, the suit is visible from miles away.





I couldn’t find a full picture of this race suit but even this shot of the top shows enough to understand why this is a terrible suit. Poor Joel Sloof. The whole suit is orange, and that is just way too much orange.



I tried not to, but I have no choice but to put Canada on this list. This suit breaks a cardinal rule of race suit design: no race suit should focus your attention on the crotch. Maybe its just the red bib that accentuates this, but still. Not that JP cares, he won in it.

One thought on “Top 5 and Worst 5 Race Suits

  1. Pete

    You are a bit conservative man! In other words, for you any new design is bad….?
    I love the French and Czech suits, you can spot them from any distance and they break with traditions. I DO agree with you about the Canadian suit tough….all that is missing is the cape and they could go to a Halloween party as Superman!


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