Start Lists for Second Sprints at IBU World Cup 8

Tomorrow features the second of back-to-back Sprint competitions at IBU World Cup 8 in Kontiolahti, Finland. Having two Sprint competitions in a row is not uncommon for IBU Cup events, but a rare thing for the IBU World Cup circuit. After Sprint competitions on Thursday, this weekend will feature Sprint competitions tomorrow and Pursuit competitions on Sunday.

Here are the start lists for tomorrow’s Men’s Sprint and Women’s Sprint competitions.

With the Canadian Biathlon Championships on in Charlo, New Brunswick, there are only three men and three women competing for Canada.

In the Men’s Sprint the North Americans are Nathan Smith (bib 13), Lowell Bailey (bib 26), Brendan Green (bib 36), Time Burke (bib 40), Leif Nordgren (bib 55) and Scott Gow (bib 57).

For the Women, its Rosanna Crawford (bib 2), Susan Dunklee (bib 23), Zina Kocher (bib 47), Megan Heinicke (bib 62), Hannah Dreissigacker (bib 63), Annalies Cook (bib 68) and Sara Studebaker (bib 83).

The Men’s Sprint starts at 6:15 Eastern, 3:15 Pacific and the Women start at 8:45 Eastern, 5:45 Pacific.

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