Start Lists for Olympic Pursuit Competitions

The start lists for the Men’s and Women’s Pursuit competitions are available here.

The Men’s Pursuit starts at 10:00 Eastern, 7:00 Pacific tomorrow morning. JP Le Guellec is the first Canadian out of the gate, starting 10 seconds behind the leader Ole Einar Bjoerndalen. Nathan Smith starts 36 seconds back in bib 13. Tim Burke is the first American, starting 50 seconds back in bib 19.

Other North American competitors are Brendan Green (bib 23), Lowell Bailey (bib 35) and Leif Nordgren (bib 45).

With favourites Anton Shipulin (bib 4), Martin Fourcade (bib 6) and Emil Hegle Svendsen (bib 9) all within 30 seconds, my money is on someone in the first 10 starters to come away with the gold.

The Women’s Pursuit will be equally close, and starts at 10:00 Eastern, 7:00 Pacific on Tuesday. Anastasiya Kuzmina will be spotted a 20 second lead, with 22 women starting within 55 seconds of her. I don’t give anyone starting more than a minute out much of a chance; even Olga Zaitseva and Gabriela Soukalova will find it difficult to pass all the excellent athletes in front of them. If Kuzmina keeps her nerve she will be tough to catch, but Darya Domracheva and Tora Berger are both lurking just over 30 seconds back.

Susan Dunklee will start 42 seconds back in bib 14. The other North American competitors are Rosanna Crawford (bib 25), Megan Imrie (bib 31), Zina Kocher (bib 32), Sara Studebaker (bib 44), Annalies Cook (bib 53) and Megan Heinicke (bib 59).

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