Russia Wins First-Ever Single Mixed Relay Competition

podiumThe first official Single Mixed Relay competition was held today at World Cup 7 in Nove Mesto, and it was the Russian duo of Yana Romanova and Alexey Volkov that took the gold. Romanova and Volkov used only 5 spare rounds, finishing ahead of Marte Olsbu and Henrik L’Abee-Lund of Norway (3 spare rounds) and Juliya Dzhyma and Artem Tyshchenko of Ukraine (8 spare rounds).

Going into the final shooting bout it looked like the competition was Germany’s to lose, and as Erik Lesser’s standing shooting form left him that is exactly what happened. Even with three shortened penalty loops, Lesser was unable to catch the top 3 on the 1.5km course, and had to settle for 4th. France and Sweden rounded out the top 6 nations.

The results clearly show the secret to success in the single mixed relay: all the teams outside the top 4 used at least 12 spare rounds. In order for some different nations to crack the podium in this particular relay format, they will have to send some better shooters!

The US entered a strong team with Annelies Cook and Tim Burke, but 13 spare rounds saw them finish back in 9th place. The Canadian team of Megan Heinicke and Scott Gow did not start.

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