Russia and Italy Win Relay Competitions at IBU World Cup 4

The Russian Women and Italian Men won the relay competitions at IBU World Cup 4 in Oberhof, Germany.

Windy conditions wreaked havoc on the field in both competitions on back-to-back days, keeping the range officials busy painting over the carnage caused to the targets.

The Russian women team of Anna Bogaliy-Titovets, Svetlana Sleptsova, Olga Zaitseva and Olga Vilukhina used thirteen extra rounds but avoided any penalties on their way to victory. Norway came in second place, using eleven extra rounds with two penalties, and France was third, using twelve extra rounds with two penalties. Germany looked poised for another podium performance until Magdalena Neuner had a disastrous time shooting standing, collecting four penalties and falling back into fourth place.

Here is the IBU article and results for the Women’s Relay.

Like the Russian Women, the Italian Men’s team relied on excellent shooting to eke out a victory over the Russians. Italy’s team of Christian De Lorenzi, Markus and Dominik Windisch and Lukas Hofer used only 5 extra rounds, with Hofer overtaking Russia’s Alexey Volkov on the final lap to secure the victory. Russia used thirteen extra rounds and had two penalties. Third place went to Sweden, with six extra rounds.

The U.S. team of Lowell Bailey, Jay Hakkinen, Tim Burke and Leif Nordgren finished 11th, with fifteen extra rounds and four penalties.

Here is the IBU article and results for the Men’s Relay.

Tomorrow is the Women’s Sprint competition, which begins at 12:30 Eastern, 9:30 Pacific.

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