Analysis of the Biathlon Battle of the Sexes takes on the battle of the sexes in its latest post, exploring the age old question of who is better, men or women. In the context of biathlon, the question takes the form of is who is better at shooting, men or women?

Taking a look at at both accuracy and speed, the results were a little surprising to me. While men shoot faster, there was very little difference between men and women in terms of accuracy. While it depends what group of athletes are being compared, there was very little to suggest any trends or conclusions that could be drawn about the data.

At the World Cup level, I hadn’t really thought about whether I expected men or women to be more accurate, I just expected that one sex would be noticeably more accurate than the other.

A very interesting analysis, and it will be interesting to see what happens to this study as more data becomes available over the years.

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