New Poll: Do You Like the Single Mixed Relay Competition?

There is a new poll up on the Biathlon Blog, asking whether you like the new Single Mixed Relay competition format.

If you haven’t heard about the Single Mixed Relay competition, there is a description of the competition in this IBU news release leading up to IBU World Cup 7 where the competition will be run for the first time.

The news release also shares the reasoning behind this new competition format, with IBU Race Director Borut Nunar commenting that the IBU wanted an event “where nations with only one good male and female athlete could have a strong chance for top rankings.”

What do you think about this new competition format? Are you excited to see a competition where more nations have a reasonable chance at a spot on the podium? Or is this new competition too short to be considered a real biathlon competition?

In my view this new competition is too short to be considered a competition among nations. It is more of a team sprint than a relay. I understand the desire to have more nations fighting for the podium in relays, but in my view the mixed relay already serves that purpose.

What do you think? You can share your opinion by casting your vote in the poll to the right, or leave a comment below!

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