Nathan Smith and Scott Gow Lead Canadian Breakthrough at IBU Cup 3

Nathan Smith was on the podium at IBU Cup 3 in Obertilliach, Austria, highlighting a great weekend for the Canadian IBU Cup team.

Smith was third in the Men’s Sprint, with Scott Gow right behind him in fourth. Canada also placed fourth in the Mixed Relay, using only five extra rounds.

As great as the Canadian performance was, the Russians were dominating, winning every single competition.

Russia won the Mixed Relay (IBU article, results), overcoming a disastrous standing shooting stage from Sergey Klyachin, who picked up all of Russia’s three penalties. Russia used six extra rounds but finished 25.7 seconds ahead of the Norwegians, who used six extra rounds but had no penalties. Third place went to Italy, 26.9 seconds back with eleven extra rounds.

Evgeny Garanichev won the Men’s Sprint (IBU article, results) with one penalty. Daniel Böhm was second, only 1.7 seconds behind with no penalties. Smith was 8.4 seconds back and Gow was 21.7 seconds back, each with no penalties. Jeremy Teela was 33rd (+1:35.2, one penalty), Tyson Smith was 50th (+2:13.8, no penalties), Bill Bowler was 52nd (+2:16.3, two penalties) and Aaron Gilmor was 96th (+3:56.2, two penalties).

Ekaterina Glazyrina won the Women’s Sprint (IBU article, results) with a clean shooting performance. Juliya Dzhyma was second, 9.6 seconds behind with no penalties, and Sabrina Buchholz was third, 14.0 back with one penalty.

Claude Godbout was 32nd (+2:01.4, one penalty), Lanny Barnes was 33rd (+2:09.0, one penalty), Yolaine Oddou was 34th (+2:14.0, two penalties), Melanie Schultz was 55th (+3:12.3, four penalties), Tracy Barnes was 59th (+3:23.2, three penalties) and Laura Spector was 60th (+3:24.8, three penalties).

Garanichev doubled up in the Pursuit (IBU article, results), even though he picked up one penalty in every shooting stage. That was still good enough to finish 19.2 seconds ahead of Böhm (two penalties) and 34.9 seconds ahead of Henrik L’Abee-Lund (one penalty).

Smith slipped back to 19th (+2:28.1, five penalties) and Gow fell to 26th (3:26.6, four penalties). Teela was 32nd (+4:14.3, four penalties), Tyson Smith was 41st (+5:19.0, three penalties) and Bowler was 48th (+5:59.7, three penalties).

Glazyrina cruised to her second victory in the Pursuit (IBU article, results), hitting all twenty targets. Ekaterina Shumilova was second, 31.3 back with two penalties. Monika Hojnisz was third, 1:30.1 back with two penalties.

Claude Godbout was 27th (+5:24.1, four penalties), Melanie Schultz was 32nd (+6:03.8, three penalties), Yolaine Oddou was 34th (+6:17.8, five penalties), Tracy Barnes was 37th (+6:23.7, three penalties), Lanny Barnes was 43rd (+7:41.6, six penalties) and Laura Spector was 44th (+7:51.2, four penalties).

The next stop on the IBU Cup tour is in Forni Avoltri, Italy.

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