IBU World Cup #4: Germany Wins Men’s Relay on Home Soil

The German team of Christoph Stephan, Alexander Wolf, Arnd Peiffer and Michael Greis won the Men’s 4 x 7.5 km relay in IBU World Cup #4 at Oberhof, Germany. The German team held off the competition by shooting well despite the strong gusty winds that created carnage on the shooting range. The best shooting team in the entire competition was Belarus, finishing in 8th place having only two penalties after using 12 extra rounds. Other teams and athletes did not fare so well in the winds, with all teams going into the double digits for extra rounds and several athletes incurring three or more penalties in one shooting stage.

Germany finished in a time of 1:23.53, using 16 spare rounds with two penalties. Germany seized the lead for good when Alexander Wolf shot clean in the standing position in the second leg.

Second and Third place came down to a battle between the Czech Republic and Norway, with Michal Slesingr outsprinting Ole Einar Bjorndalen at the finish line to secure second for the Czechs, who finished 2:22.8 back of Germany having used 14 spare rounds with three penalties. Norway was 2:24 back, using 14 extra rounds with six penalties.

The Canadian team came in 11th place, 3:32.8 back having used 14 extra rounds with six penalties. The U.S. team was 16th, 4:48.4 back with 11 extra rounds and seven penalties.

Here are the complete results and the IBU writeup for the competition.

Tomorrow’s competition is the Women’s 4 x 6 km relay, starting at 19:30 CET. Here is the start list, with the Canadians in bib 11 and the U.S. not participating.

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