IBU World Cup 2: First Career Victories for Fak and Solemdal

Jakov Fak and Synnoeve Solemdal earned their first career World Cup victories today in the Pursuit competitions at IBU World Cup 2 in Hochfilzen, Austria.

The Men’s competition was first, which featured an exciting five-way sprint finish on the last loop. Wearing bib 3 and sporting one of those hideous Slovenian race suits, Fak (two penalties) looked the freshest the whole way and was able to stay just ahead of Dmitry Malyshko (one penalty, +0.9) and Martin Fourcade (three penalties, +8.6).

Lowell Bailey did well to earn a top ten finish with bib 36, missing only one target. Tim Burke was 23rd (four penalties), JP Le Guellec wass 31st (five penalties), Scott Perras was 43rd (six penalties) and Russell Currier was 52nd (four penalties).

Here are the results and the IBU article for this competition.

Solemdal won the Women’s Pursuit with only one penalty, moving onto the top of the podium after narrowly missing it in yesterday’s Sprint. Tora Berger (two penalties) made it a one-two Norwegian finish, and Kaisa Makarainen (four penalties) struggled with her standing shooting but was fast enough to finish third.

Rosanna Crawford (three penalties) followed up her career-best Sprint performance with her career-best Pursuit performance with a 25th place finish. Megan Heinicke (one penalty) was 29th, Sara Studebaker (three penalties) was 52nd and Susan Dunklee (seven penalties) was 52nd.

Here are the results and the IBU article for this competition.

Tomorrow is the last day of IBU World Cup 2 and it features the Men’s Relay (start list) at 5:15 Eastern, 2:15 Pacific and the Women’s Relay (start list) at 8:30 Eastern, 5:30 Pacific.

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