IBU World Cup 2: Birnbacher and Domracheva Get First Wins of the Season

Total Score threats Andreas Birnbacher and Darya Domracheva both picked up their first wins of the season in today’s Sprint competitions at IBU World Cup 2 in Hochfilzen.

Birnbacher made every shot count in squeaking past Martin Fourcade, who was only 0.4 seconds behind him thanks to one penalty. Third place went to Jakov Fak, who is back on the podium after a career-threatening case of frostbite.

JP Le Guellec had another strong Sprint performance, notching a top ten finish (one penalty, +34.0). Tim Burke was 22nd (one penalty, +50.6), Scott Perras was 25th (one penalty, +58.4), Lowell Bailey was 36th (one penalty, +1:09.4), Russell Currier was 56th (two penalties, +2:07.6), Jay Hakkinen was 67th (three penalties, +2:36.3) Nathan Smith was 73rd (four penalties, +2:43.5) and Leif Nordgren was 81st (four penalties, +2:54.5).

Here are the results and the IBU article on the Men’s competition.

Domracheva also had a narrow victory, with Kaisa Makarainen only 4.7 seconds behind. Tora Berger was on the podium again in third, 12.9 seconds back. All three women on the podium missed one target.

Rosanna Crawford had a great race, finishing as the top North American in 24th (one penalty, +1:19.8). Susan Dunklee was 31st (two penalties, +1:41.5), Megan Imrie was 56th (two penalties, +2:13.8), Megan Heinicke was 57th (three penalties, +2:14.9), Sara Studebaker was 58th (two penalties, +2:15.8), Annalies Cook was 63rd (four penalties, +2:31), Lanny Barnes was 71st (one penalty, +2:49) and Zina Kocher was 73rd (five penalties, 2:49.5).

Here are the results and the IBU article on the Women’s competition.

Tomorrow are the Pursuit competitions. The Men start at 6:45 Eastern, 3:45 Pacific and the Women start at 9:00 Eastern, 6:00 Pacific.

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