IBU Cup Season Opener Preview!

The 2013/2014 biathlon season is finally here! IBU Cup 1 kicks off from Idre, Sweden tomorrow with a Sprint competition.

The IBU website previews IBU Cup 1 here.

This event features a mix of athletes trying to prove themselves on the IBU Cup and work their way onto the World Cup circuit, and World Cup athletes getting some race experience in before heading to World Cup 1 in Oestersund.

Here are the start lists for the Men and Women. There are 140 men and 108 participating in the competitions tomorrow.

In the Men’s competition, the North Americans are Sean Doherty (bib 10), Scott Gow (bib 26), Brendan Green (bib 54), Nathan Smith (bib 59), Jeremy Teela (bib 68), Marc-Andre Bedard (bib 104), Jay Hakkinen (bib 121) and Macx Davies (bib 129).

The North American women are Hannah Dreissigacker (bib 9), Rosanna Crawford (bib 20), Megan Heinicke (bib 25), Lanny Barnes (bib 47), Audrey Vaillancourt (bib 57), Megan Imrie (bib 59), Julia Ransom (bib 80) and Claude Godbout (bib 99).

The Men’s competition starts at 1:00 Pacific, 4:00 Eastern and the Women’s competition starts at 4:00 Pacific, 7:00 Eastern.

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