IBU Cup 5 Review – Strong Performances from Canadian Women

IBU Cup 5 took place in Haute Maurienne, France and featured Relay, Sprint and Pursuit competitions.

Norway won the Men’s Relay (results), ahead of Ukraine and Germany. Russia beat out Germany in the Women’s Relay (results) by a toe, with France coming in third. A strong Canadian team of Melanie Schultz, Claude Godbout, Yolaine Oddou and Rosanna Crawford finished fourth.

Ronny Hafsas won the Men’s Sprint (results) with superbly-named Rene Laurent Vuillermoz and Lars Helge Birkeland in second and third, respectively. Marc-Andre Bedard was 20th, Jeremy Teela was 23rd and Scott Gow was 56th.

Marina Korovina was the victor in the Women’s Sprint (results), with her compatriot Iana Romanova in second and Nadine Horchler in third. Rosanna Crawford was 8th, Melanie Schultz was 23rd, Yolaine Oddou was 24th, Claude Godbout was 33rd, Lanny Barnes was 39th and Laura Spector was 54th.

Lars Helge Birkeland won the Men’s Pursuit (results), as Maksim Burtasov was second and Daniel Graf was third. Jeremy Teela was 39th, Scott Gow was 41st and Marc-Andre Bedard was 49th.

Iana Romanova and Nadine Horchler each moved one spot up on the podium as Agnieszka Cyl came in third in the Women’s Pursuit (results). Melanie Schultz was 11th, Yolaine Oddou was 15th, Rosanna Crawford was 17th, Claude Godbout was 22nd, Lanny Barnes was 25th and Laura Spector was 33rd.

The IBU Cup circuit now takes a little break before coming to Canada for IBU Cup 6 and 7 from Canmore, Canada on February 11th-16th. I am particularly looking forward to the IBU Cup coming to Canada as I will be there in person to cover it (and volunteer)!

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