IBU Cup 4 Review – the Return of Anna Bulygina!

IBU Cup 4 was this past weekend in Forni Avoltri, Italy, and one of my favorite biathletes, Anna Bulygina, made the Russian coaches take notice with one victory and another strong performance.

The event featured an Individual competition on the Saturday and a Sprint on the Sunday.

Jacquemine Baud won the Women’s Individual (IBU article, results) with a clean-shooting performance. Second place went to Maren Hammerschmidt (+21.4, one penalty) and third place went to Paulina Bobak (+1:41.2, two penalties). Bulygina was 8th (+2:26.6, four penalties).

Tracy Barnes was an impressive 7th (+2:17.6, two penalties) while Yolaine Oddou was 14th (+3:31.0, three penalties), Melanie Schultz 25th (+4:36.7, four penalties), Laura Spector 29th (+4:44.4, four penalties), Rosanna Crawford 40th (+5:38.8, five penalties), Lanny Barnes 42nd (+5:43.3, five penalties) and Claude Godbout 59th (+8:35.5, eight penalties).

Erik Lesser came in first in the Men’s Individual (IBU article, results), also shooting clean. Lars Helge Birkeland was second (+1:13.9, one penalty) and Daniel Graf was third (+1:45.9, one penalty).

Nathan Smith had a great competition, coming in sixth (+3:00.5, three penalties) to earn some flowers. Russell Currier was just behind in 7th (+3:00.7, three penalties) and Scott Perras was 10th (+3:40.0, three penalties). Scott Gow was 27th (+4:59.8, three penalties), Jeremy Teela was 36th (+6:19.6, three penalties) and Marc-Andre Bedard was 59th (+7:57.8, five penalties).

Bulygina won the Women’s Sprint (IBU article, results) by almost a minute over Nadine Horchler (+56.2) after both women shot clean. Marina Korovina was third (1:08.1, two penalties).

Melanie Schultz shot clean and finished 17th (+2:05.6) with Yolaine Oddou in 22nd (+2:16.4, one penalty), Laura Spector in 25th (+2:19.6, one penalty), Tracy Barnes in 29th (+2:25.7, one penalty), Rosanna Crawford in 39th (+2:53.5, one penalty), Claude Godbout in 45th (+3:03.2, one penalty) and Lanny Barnes in 66th (+4:20.1, four penalties).

Lesser picked up back-to-back victories with a win in the Sprint (IBU article, results), picking up one penalty but staying 9.8 seconds ahead of Frode Andresen who had two penalties. Benedikt Doll was third, 15.9 seconds back with two penalties.

Nathan Smith was sixth again, 26.5 seconds back with two penalties. Scott Perras was 8th, 31.9 back with two penalties. Russell Currier was 27th (+1:22.6, two penalties), Marc-Andre Bedard was 28th (+1:23.3, two penalties), Jeremy Teela was 45th (+2:00.0, one penalty), Bill Bowler was 75th (+3:25.6, one penalty) and Scott Gow was 76th (+3:29.1, four penalties).

IBU Cup 5 gets underway from Haute Maurienne on 11 January with Men’s and Women’s Relay competitions.

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