IBU Cup 3 Review

Its time for a belated review of what happened at IBU Cup 3 in Ridnaun-Val Ridanna, Italy.

The event featured three competitions: a Mixed Relay, Sprint and Pursuit.

Russia won the Mixed Relay (results, IBU article), further demonstrating the amazing depth of its biathlon program. The team of Anastasia Zagoruiko, Marina Korovina, Alexsandr Penchenkin and Timofey Lapshin needed only seven extra rounds to finish ahead of Ukraine and France.

The Canadian team of Audrey Vaillancourt, Claude Godbout, Marc-Andre Bedard and Nathan Smith was in sixth place with nine extra rounds and two penalties.

Alexey Volkov won the Men’s Sprint (results, IBU article), shooting clean and finishing only 3.7 seconds ahead of Tobias Eberhard, also shooting clean. Third place went to Daniel Mesotitsch, 38.9 seconds back with one penalty. There were two Canadians in the top ten: Marc-Andre Bedard in 5th (no penalties, 54.0) and Nathan Smith in 7th (one penalty, +57.0). Kurtis Wenzel was 18th (no penalties, +1:44.1), Matthew Neumann was 50th (three penalties, +3:18.3) and Vincent Blais was 96th (three penalties, +5:39).

The Women’s Sprint (results, IBU article) featured a one-two Norwegian finish with Marte Olsbu in first and Ane Skrove Nossum in second, both shooting clean. Paulina Bobak was third. Audrey Vaillancourt finished 7th (one penalty, +1:27.6), Melanie Schultz was 21st (no penalties, +2:18.3) and Claude Godbout was 22nd (three penalties, +2:21.9).

In the Men’s Pursuit (results, IBU article) Tobias Eberhard overtook Alexey Volkov for the win, with Timofey Lapshin in third. Nathan Smith got some flowers for his 6th place finish, with Marc-Andre Bedard in 15th, Kurtis Wenzel in 29th and Matthew Neumann in 50th.

In the Women’s Pursuit (results, IBU article) Marte Olsbu and Ane Skrove Nossum finished one-two again, with Anastasia Zagoruiko taking third place. Audrey Vaillancourt moved up one place to sixth and also received some flowers for her effort. Claude Godbout was 19th and Melanie Schultz was 30th.

The next IBU Cup is in Otepää, Estonia on January 5-6.

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