IBU Cup 2 Preview

IBU Cup 2 begins tomorrow in Beitostolen, Norway. The event features the first Individual competition of the IBU Cup season on Friday and a Sprint competition on Saturday.

Here are the start lists for the Women and Men. 84 women and 123 men will be competing. Fun fact: looks like the women will be starting with bib 101.

The North Americans competing tomorrow are:

  • for the women, Yolaine Oddou (104), Tracy Barnes (107), Tera Geraghty-Moats (137), Audrey Vaillancourt (155), Megan Heinicke (172) and Melanie Schultz (184)
  • for the men, Scott Gow (5), Sean Doherty (31), Marc-Andre Bedard (68) and Kurtis Wenzel (87).

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