IBU Announces Doping Bans for Loginov and Starykh

The IBU has announced the bans given to Russian biathletes Alexander Loginov and Irina Starykh: http://www4.biathlonworld.com/en/press_releases.html/do/detail?presse=2547

Loginov has been banned from competition until November 25, 2016 and Starykh has been banned until December 23, 2016.

The anti-doping hearings for these athletes were particularly interesting because in both cases older samples were tested at a later date using improved technology to discover the use of EPO. If the usual 2 year penalty from the time of the sample was applied, both athletes would have been allowed to start competing this year, which would be akin to receiving a sentence of time served. Instead, the panels extended the bans another year so both athletes won’t be competing this season.

Fasterskier has a detailed article on the reasoning for these doping bans here: http://fasterskier.com/blog/article/ibu-hands-down-doping-bans-for-three-russians-in-re-testing-cases/

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