Hat-tricks for Boe and Makarainen at IBU World Cup 8

Johannes Boe and Kaisa Makarainen were perfect in Kontiolahti, winning yesterday’s Pursuit competitions to make it three wins in a row at IBU World Cup 8.

Boe had built himself an enormous lead through the first three shooting bouts as he handled the windy conditions on the shooting range much better than his competitors, with only one penalty in the first standing shooting. That turned out to be a good thing as he nearly gave it away with four penalties in the final shooting. Despite losing most of his lead in the penalty loop he managed to stay ahead of Martin Fourcade (three penalties) and Bjoern Ferry (three penalties) to hang on for the victory.

Canada’s Nathan Smith was in the top ten again, finishing 10th with five penalties. Lowell Bailey slipped back from 3rd to 14th, also with five penalties. Tim Burke was 17th, Brendan Green 20th, Leif Nordgren 34th, and Scott Gow 43rd.

Like Boe, Makarainen led the Pursuit wire-to-wire, with only two penalties. Darya Domracheva came within 30 seconds of Makarainen but ended up a minute back after one penalty in the final shooting. Olga Zaitseva was third with five penalties.

Susan Dunklee moved up one place into 7th, with seven penalties. Rosanna Crawford was 27th, Hannah Dreissigacker was 49th and Sara Studebaker was 54th.

The IBU World Cup circuit now moves to Holmenkollen for the final event of the season, starting on Thursday March 20th with a Sprint competition.

2 thoughts on “Hat-tricks for Boe and Makarainen at IBU World Cup 8

  1. Martin

    I’ve just discovered your blog and I’m really surprised, cause I’ve been always sure that, biathlon is totally unpopular sport in North America. But even though it’s probably not very popular, there must be some people watching it ;). By the way, how do you manage the time-difference? Do you watch biathlon live or by replay?

    I hope Canada will become major nation in not-freestyle skiing, cause it you have everything you need and skiing world needs such powerful member ;). It’s been a joke, but seriously. I wish Canada would become serious power. Unfortunetely geography doesn’t help. FIS and IBU competitions are completely dominated by Europeans, where skiing has vast audience. Obviousluy the USA is represented, especially in alpine skiing, but they also get some medals in nordic one. But unfortunately USA will never be winter “fan”, cause, country is vast, has diverse climate and it’s absoultely normal, that people in New Mexico don’t love winter sports.

    Canada is different case, you get far more medals in winter olympics than in summer ones, skiing is popular all over the country and you have almost Scandinavian-like climate. I hope you Canadians will overcome the time difference and start to enjoy watching and competing winter sports, cause they’re beautiful ineed. Of course I don’t watch everything, cause live goes on, but I try to watch let’s say 2 competition on both – Sat an Sunday each. I choose between cross-country, ski jumping, alpine and obviously biathlon 🙂

    It’s been nice to read your blog.

    1. Clayton Post author

      Hi Martin, sorry I didn’t respond earlier, I took a little break from blogging but am getting started again. There aren’t many fans of biathlon here in Canada but the sport is starting to get more popular, mostly around the Olympics when we get the competitions on TV. I usually watch the competitions on replay as I am on the west coast of Canada, sometimes I watch the evening competitions which start at 6 or 7 in the morning here!

      I think the Canadian Men’s team will start to challenge for the podium in the next couple of years with Brendan Green and Nathan Smith. The women are a bit behind at this point but as more Canadians are interested in the sport we should start to improve as a nation. Also it will help to have a World Cup event come to Canmore in a few years, I will definitely go there to watch.

      Thanks for reading!


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