Clean-Shooting Yurlova Wins 15km Individual

Russia’s Ekaterina Yurlova is now a World Champion, after winning the Women’s 15km Individual competition today in Kontiolahti, Finland.

Starting late in bib 93, Yurlova’s shooting carried her to victory. She was the only competitor to shoot clean in the entire field, helping her to finish 23.2 seconds ahead of Gabriela Soukalova (one penalty) and 24.4 seconds ahead of hometown favourite Kaisa Makarainen (2 penalties). Dorothea Wierer missed out of a spot on the podium by the narrowest of margins, finishing just 0.4 seconds behind Makarainen.

Susan Dunklee was the top North American with a 12th place finish (+2:43.0, three penalties). Megan Heinicke was top Canadian in 21st, with Annelies Cook 47th, Clare Egan 51st, Hannah Dreissigacker 67th, Audrey Vailancourt 79th, Julia Ransom 84th and Rosanna Crawford 87th.

The World Championships continue tomorrow with the Men’s 20km Individual. 4 Canadians and 4 Americans will be competing: Tim Burke (bib 23), Nathan Smith (bib 28), Brendan Green (bib 53), Lowell Bailey (bib 65), Scott Gow (bib 79), Leif Nordgren (bib 101), Christian Gow (bib 124) and Sean Doherty (bib 125).

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