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Biathlon Canada Names 2018-2019 National Teams

Biathlon Canada has announced its national teams for the 2018-2019 season.

There are three separate teams: the Senior National Team, the U24 National Development team, and the U20 National Development team.

The Senior National Team is comprised of 6 Men and 6 Women: Scott Gow, Christian Gow, Macx Davies, Nathan Smith, Carsen Campbell, Brendan Green, Rosanna Crawford, Emma Lunder, Sarah Beaudry, Megan Tandy, Megan Bankes and Nadia Moser.

The U24 National Development Team has 5 athletes: Trevor Kiers, Adam Runnalls, Emily Dickson, Leo Grandbois and Jules Burnotte.

The U20 National Development Team has 26 athletes (9 Men and 15 Women):

Men: Logan Lumby, Rory Gilliliand, Thomas Hulsman, Michael Pullishy, Oliver Holder, Cole Bender, Zachary Demers, Logan Pletz, Ryan Elden

Women: Shilo Rousseau, Pascale Paradis, Jenna Shearington, Naomi Walch, Annika Klotz, Emma Osness, Benita Peiffer, Larissa Black, Gillian Gowling, Mzia Lee Pottie, Erin Bennett, Anna Sellers, Pauline Grandbois, Frédérique Péruse, Danica Ariano, Claire Lesawich

Here is a link to the full list of athletes named to the national teams:

2018-2019 Biathlon Canada Award Winners

Congratulations to the following individuals who were named the winners of Biathlon Canada’s annual awards at the 2018 Canadian Biathlon Championships:

  • Clayton Whitman – The Ruedi Setz Award
  • Bob Bentley – The June Hooper Award
  • Ray Kokkonen – The Myriam Bedard Award
  • Mark Arendz – Male Athlete of the Year
  • Rosanna Crawford – Female Athlete of the Year
  • Airat Aitniakov – The Richard Boruta Male Coach of the Year
  • Kathy Davies – Female Coach of the Year

Applications to Host Biathlon Canada Events

Biathlon Canada is now accepting applications to host the following events:
  • 2018-19 North American Cups
  • 2018-19 Western and Eastern Canadian Championships
  • 2020 Canadian Championships 

Applications to host the above events are located in the annexes of either the North American Hosting Policy or the Canadian Hosting Policy, both located at this link:

Applications are to be emailed to by April 30.