CAS Publishes Reasons for Reducing Sachenbacher-Stehle Doping Ban

essThe Court of Arbitration for Sport has published the award in Evi Sachenbacher-Stehle’s successful appeal of her 2 year doping ban for taking a product that contained methylhexaneamine, which is on the 2014 World Anti-doping Agency list of prohibited substances. The award is available here on the IBU website.

It was undisputed between the parties that Ms. Sachenbacher-Stehle was unaware that the product she took, contained the prohibited substance.

The CAS had previously announced that Ms. Sachenbacher-Stehle’s ban had been reduced from 2 years to 6 months.

The award contains the reasons why the CAS reduced her ban.

Subject to section 10.2 of the IBU Antidoping Rules, the penalty for the first use of a prohibited substance is two years of ineligibility. However, pursuant to section 104 of the IBU Antidoping Rules, a reduced penalty ranging from a reprimand and no period of ineligibility to a maximum of two years of ineligibility can apply, provided that the athlete can establish how the prohibited substance entered their body, and that such substance was not intended to enhance the competitor’s sport performance.

The original IBU panel found that section 10.4 did not apply as Ms. Sachenbacher-Stehle did not establish that her use of the product was not intended to enhance her sport performance. The application of section 10.4 was the subject of the appeal. The CAS panel reversed the IBU panel and found that section 10.4 did apply, and applied a 6 month period of ineligibility. The panel found a “light degree of fault” in Ms. Sachenbacher-Stehle’s behaviour, which led it to impose a sanction two months longer than the standard measure in similar cases.

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