Canadians Take Advantage of Time Off With Strong Performances in IBU World Cup 5 Individual Competitions

Kaisa Mäkäräinen and Andrei Makoveev won the Individual competitions at IBU World Cup 5 while several Canadians turned in strong performances. After skipping IBU World Cup 4, the refreshed Canadian team climbed up the leaderboard with their best team performance of the season.

In the Women’s competition (IBU article, results) Mäkäräinen had two penalties but relied on her skiing speed to put 22 seconds between her and second place Helena Ekholm, who only had one penalty. Third place went to Total Score leader Magdalena Neuner, who was 32.9 seconds back with two penalties.

Two Canadians finished in the top twenty: Zina Kocher in 15th (+2:47.1, three penalties) and Megan Imrie in 20th (+3:24.6, two penalties).

Susan Dunklee was 49th (+6:24.2, four penalties), Sara Studebaker was 59th (+7:27.7, three penalties), Annalies Cook was 60th (+7:30.9, four penalties) and Tracy Barnes was 66th (+8:09.7, three penalties).

In the Men’s competition (IBU article, results), Makoveev earned his first ever victory by being the only competitor to shoot clean. He finished 59.7 seconds ahead of Emil Hegle Svendsen (two penalties) and 1:14.8 ahead of Björn Ferry (one penalty).

Two Canadian men also finished in the top 20. JP Le Guellec was 17th (+2:59.7, two penalties) and Brendan Green was 19th (+3:13.7, three penalties).

Lowell Bailey was 44th (+5:09.5, four penalties), Nathan Smith was 56th (+6:21.3, three penalties), Tim Burke was 63rd (+6:49.9, five penalties), Russell Currier was 64th (+7:07.2, five penalties), Scott Perras was 66th (+7:12.8, five penalties) and Jay Hakkinen was 87th (+9:34.2, seven penalties).

IBU World Cup 5 continues tomorrow from Nove Mesto Na Morave, Czech Republic with the Women’s Sprint (start list) at 8:30 Eastern, 5:30 Pacific.

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