Canadian Olympian Robin Clegg Injured while Cycling

The Calgary Herald reports that biathlete and three-time Canadian Olympian Robin Clegg was injured yesterday in an altercation with a motorist while riding his road bike with two other Olympic athletes. According to the report Clegg was struck by a car that had tried to run the cyclists off the road.

As a motorist and a cyclist, this is simply outrageous. Training on your road bike is dangerous enough without people like this using their vehicles as deadly weapons to attack cyclists. The worst part is where the motorist allegedly questioned the cyclists right to be on the road. Having ridden on some rural roads here in British Columbia, I know all too well that some drivers have no respect for cyclists and refuse to give a little space as they speed past. This is bad enough but intentionally using your car to hit cyclists or cause them to crash is unconscionable.

If someone needs to be made example of in order to improve the safety of law-abiding cyclists, this jerk sounds like the perfect candidate.

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