Canadian National Teams Named has announced the 12 athletes who have been nominated to the Canadian national team:

There are two squads on the national team. The “A” team consists of two women and two men, and the “B” team has 4 women and 4 men. I can’t find a decription of what the difference is between the “A” and “B” teams but I presume that the “A” team will automatically be entered into World Cup competitions and the athletes on the “B” team will have to compete in order to claim the remaining spots assigned to Canada.

The Canadian national team will be coached by Mattias Ahrens, Roddy Ward and Kathy Davies.

“A” Team:

Women: Rosanna Crawford, Megan Heinicke

Men: Brendan Green, Nathan Smith

“B” Team:

Women: Sarah Beaudry, Emma Lunder, Julia Ransom and Audrey Vaillancourt

Men: Macx Davies, Christian Gow, Scott Gow and Scott Perras


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