Canadian National Team Trials for Tour #1

The trials for the Canadian national team for the first tours (World Cup, IBU Cup and Junior IBU Cup) were held in Canmore this week. Over 60 Men and Women competed for spots on the national team. The results for the competitions and the final percentages calculations that determine who will be nominated for each of the tours are below.

On the Men’s side the picture is fairly clear. The 4 Men who will be nominated to start on the World Cup are Nathan Smith, Brendan Green, Scott Gow and Christian Gow.

If they all accept, then that means Matthew Hudec, Carsen Campbell and Jules Burnotte will be offered an IBU Cup spot, with one discretionary spot to be filled. Only 0.02% separates Macx Davies and Matt Neumann at the trials for that spot, which is almost as close as possible.

The Junior IBU Cup nominees are Adam Runnalls, Trevor Kiers, Teo Sanchez, Chad Berling and Rory Gilliand.

The Women’s side is a bit more complicated as Junior athletes have earned nominations for the World Cup and the IBU Cup. For the World Cup team, Rosanna Crawford and Julia Ransom could be joined by Emma Lunder and Megan Bankes.

That would put Sarah Beaudry, Megan Tandy, Nadia Moser and one discretionary spot on the IBU Cup. Leilani Tam Von Berg is the next in line, but Erin Yungblut is also eligible.

The Junior IBU Cup team will depend on whether Megan Banks and Nadia Moser go to the World Cup and IBU Cup or if they choose to go to the Junior IBU Cup. Megan Banks is preselected, and could be joined by Nadia Moser, Shilo Rousseau, Emily Dickson and Benita Peiffer. However, Pascale Paradis, Gillian Gowling and Jenna Sherington also are eligible if some nominations are not accepted.

Day 1 results:

Day 2 results:

Day 3 results:

Overall percentages:

National Team Document that explains who will get the nominations:

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