Canadian Biathletes turn to Microfunding to Realize their Olympic Dreams

Athletes in amateur sports often face significant financial challenges in the pursuit of their athletic dreams. For many of these athletes, participating in the Olympics represents the pinnacle of athletic acheivement.

In sports such as hockey, tennis, golf and basketball, where athletes can make millions of dollars a year, the costs involved in training and qualifying for the Olympics doesn’t even come into consideration. However, for most amateur athletes, including biathletes, these costs are a real and significant barrier to their participation on our Olympic team.

With the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi months away, several Canadian athletes are turning to a micro-funding website to help them raise the funds necessary to give them a chance to realize their Olympic dreams. describes itself as “a platform devoted to micro funding for Canadian athletes” and “a vehicle offering the world of fans and supporters a personal connection to our Canadian athletes on their journey to success.”

Currently, four Canadian biathletes have started campaigns on to raise funds for their training, team fees and other expenses. Click on their names below to go to their campaign pages where you can read more about how the money they raise will be used, and what they are offering their supporters in exchange for their contributions.

Zina Kocher

Megan Imrie

Rosanna Crawford and Brendan Green

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