Biathlonworld TV Summer Tour: Belarusian Women’s Team Training

I am doing a little catching up on biathlon news and wanted to share this IBU video from last week of the Belarusian Women’s Team training in Bormio, Italy.

The article on the video has a good description about how world class athletes train in the summer and the types of drills and games they do.

As a coach one thing I noticed in the video is one of the bad habits that athletes can pick up while training shooting in the summer. In the video you can see a few of the athletes finishing putting the rifle on their backs as or even after they leave the mats. In competition this would be a disqualification. I have seen this in some of my athletes, and it only shows up when they aren’t using poles. If you are using poles, you pick them up after you put the rifle on your back. If you don’t have poles to pick up sometimes the athletes get a little ahead of themselves and leave the mat too early.

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