Biathlon Canada Announces World Cup, IBU Cup and IBU Junior Cup Tour 1 Teams

Biathlon Canada has announced the athletes who will be representing Canada when the biathlon season kicks off in just a couple weeks.

Following three days of trials in Canmore, men and women were nominated for the World Cup, IBU Cup and the Junior IBU Cup tours.

Here is the percentages that determined who qualified:

World Cup

Men: Scott Gow, Nathan Smith, Brendan Green, Christian Gow
Women: Julia Ransom, Rosanna Crawford, Megan Bankes, Emma Lunder

Noteworthy: the big star of the trials was Megan Bankes, whose excellent results earned her a spot on the World Cup team as a Junior Woman. Will she be able to keep her spot on the World Cup and even qualify for the Olympics?


Men: Matthew Hudec, Carsen Campbell, Jules Burnotte, Macx Davies
Women: Sarah Beaudry, Megan Tandy, Nadia Moser, Leilani Tam Von Burg

Noteworthy: Macx Davies had a difficult time at trials, hanging on to a spot on the IBU Cup Tour by a mere 0.02% over Matt Neumann. This last spot was filled as a discretionary selection, which would have been a very interesting pick had the results been the other way around.

IBU Junior Cup

Men: Adam Runnalls, Trevor Kiers, Chad Berling, Rory Gilliland, Teo Sanchez
Women: Shilo Rousseau, Gillian Gowling

Noteworthy: only two Women will be representing Canada at IBU Junior Cup Tour 1 despite the intention to take five on tour. Four Women declined their spot, while several others who participated at trials who may have wanted to represent Canada are being left behind. The reason for this is that they did not meet a 90% requirement set by Biathlon Canada. Keen observers will note that the Junior Women percentages were influenced by the strong performance of Nadia Moser, who isn’t even going on the IBU Junior Cup as she qualified for the IBU Cup. Considering the message the 90% cutoff sends to these athletes, was this a big lost opportunity to inspire more young female athletes to continue in the sport?

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