2011 Canadian Championships Results

The Canadian Biathlon Championships concluded today with the Mixed Relay competition. The Relay format was 3 x 6 km, with the teams being created by province.

The winners of the Senior Relay (complete results) were Alberta 1, comprised of Beau Thompson, Zina Kocher and Nathan Smith. Quebec 1 was 1:09.1 behind in second place, with Marc-Andre Bedard, Claude Godbout and Paul Morency competing. Third place went to the Alberta 2 team of Andrew Chisholm, Melanie Schultz and Cindy Clark, who were 7:07.6 back.

The Sprint (complete results) and the Pursuit (complete results) competitions were held earlier in the week.

Marc-Andre Bedard won the Men’s Sprint handily, finishing with one penalty. Scott Gow was 1:06.4 back in second place with one penalty, and Nathan Smith was third, 1:07.3 back with four penalties.

Zina Kocher came in first in the Women’s Sprint despite three penalties. Melanie Schultz was 33 seconds back with no penalties and Claude Godbout came in third, 1:18.9 back with three penalties.

In the Men’s Pursuit, Scott Gow edged out both Marc-Andre Bedard and Nathan Smith for the victory. Gow had four penalties, and was 15.2 seconds ahead of Bedard (six penalties) and 19.5 seconds ahead of Smith (six penalties).

Zina Kocher was the winner of the Women’s Pursuit, giving her four victories in four competitions. Kocher had nine penalties, but the rest of the field could not capitalize as they had shooting problems of their own. Claude Godbout had six penalties and finished second, 47.4 behind Kocher. Megan Imrie was third, 1:24.5 back with eight penalties.

With the conclusion of the Canadian Championships, the last big event of the year in Canada and the U.S. are the North American Biathlon Championships, starting this Friday at Whistler Olympic Park, British Columbia. The event consists of a Sprint, Pursuit and Mass Start competition.

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